semi permanent brow makeup

The powderfill option is a semi permanent tattoo that is done to create a more "makeup filled in" look and can be created with ombre fronts or microbladed fronts.


This is best for people who tend to wear more makeup on a daily basis and are accustomed to seeing themselves with filled-in brows. This is a great option if you're wanting a more bold brow!



semi permanent brow makeup

Microblading is a minimal to no pain semi-permanent tattoo that is meant to mimic the look of real hair strokes to give your eyebrows a more shaped, fuller look!

Microblading lasts between 1-3 years.


Let it fade or color boost every 1.5-3 years!​


color boost

color enhancement

Color boosts can be done at the very earliest, 12-18 months from your last touch up appointment and is meant to enhance the color of your microbladed or powderfill brows!

YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Please send me clear, well lit photos so I can make sure they are ready to be gone over again. If they were originally done by someone else I will need to make sure you are not needing a correction and/or color correction. If a correction is necessary, It would be the price of a full set plus a $100 correction fee.



Correcting or enhancing other's work

If you are wanting a correction of somebody else's microblading or powderfill work please contact me first before making any appointments. 


A free consultation is REQUIRED 




Prep & Post Care for brows

Proper prep and care is essential to the quality of your semi-permanent make up 

How to Prepare:

Complete the Consent Form at the bottom of the page immediately upon booking. Do NOT tan or self tan well before your appointment (we want to see your natural skin tone) Avoid caffeine, fish oil, alcohol, ibuprofen and aspirin 24 hours before your appointment. Please schedule accordingly as the process can take up to 3 hours and I will not rush!! Do NOT wax, tweeze, or thread your eyebrows at least 1-2 weeks before you appointment. It is ideal to bring in photos of what you have in mind for them to look like as well as color or how you normally draw them in. Do not get Botox at least 2 weeks before your appointment. Remind me to take before photos LOL

After Care:


Each client will receive detailed aftercare instructions directly after the appointment. However to avoid scheduling any PMU appointments directly before a vacation ect., here are the basic aftercare steps to follow after a PMU appointment. Wash brows every 3 hours on first day Wash brows morning & night day 2 & 3 Day 4 & on for the next 3-4 weeks apply healing balm morning & night. Cannot get brows wet for 3-4 weeks Cannot sweat in or around brows for 3-4 weeks Cannot wear makeup or sunscreen in or around brows for 3-4 weeks Avoid direct sun exposure for the first couple weeks Schedule a touch up for 6 weeks after the initial appointment. The aftercare will be the same for the touch up healing process as well.


consent form


Please complete my Smartwaiver online consent form prior to your appointment directly after booking your appointment.


Fill this out immediately so we can verify that you are a candidate for PMU. Last minute cancellations fees will apply if you fail to complete the form in a timely manner and you are NOT eligible for PMU.


PLEASE READ THE WAIVER THOUROUGHLY! Failure to follow the proper instructions on do's and dont's before your PMU appointment can/will cause for rescheduling the appointment and you will be charged the cancellation fee!