Lash Extension Policies




Read through my Before Care Information and FAQs. Most importantly, be prepared to remove any contact lenses as those cannot stay in during the process. Also, arriving with makeup on your eyes will require me to provide a lash bath which is an additional charge.


Arrive to my studio at Queen of Blades in Jeffersontown, KY at the appointed time. Off Street Parking Available.


The lashing process is painless and relaxing as some people also take this opportunity to nap or doze!


The extensions are applied using a medical grade adhesive. Depending on the service requested, 1-3 lash extensions will be attached to one natural lash. For a full set of lashes, this process lasts around 2-3 hours. Fill-ins, about an hour and a half.


During the lash process, people can fall asleep, listen to music, listen to an audio book, etc. I can also provide specific music if needed! Regardless, when you leave my lash bed, you will feel beautiful and confident!


Once the application is finnished, we will discuss the aftercare for your extensions and you will recieve a free mini aftercare baggie. You can also purchase your aftercare essentials like my lash bath or lash aftercare kits at my studio before you leave! Also, It is reccomended to schedule your next fill-in appointment before you leave as well to get the day and time you need!


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