Spray Tans

Spray Tans

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Basic Spray Tan

8 hour rinse time

(light, light/medium, medium, medium/dark, or dark)

(See booking site for all pricing and to schedule)

Clear Coat Spray Tan 

8 hour rinse time

This spray tan contains no bronzers in it and goes on clear. You will start to see color after 4 hours but this spray tan can take up to 24 hours to develop the full color in which it develops based on your skin tone! This is a great option for brides, people who are prone to break outs, or people who have excess scarring on their body.

(light, light/medium, medium, medium/dark, or dark)

Rapid Spray Tan

1-4 hour rinse time.

This spray tan can be customized and has the Luxury of being able to rinse sooner than the 8 hour one. This tan still takes 8-10 hours to develop but can be rinsed off sooner. Depending on how dark you want it to turn out is how long you will leave it on for.

Light (1 hour)

Medium (2 hour)

medium dark (3 hours)

dark (4 hours)

this tan MUST BE RINSED OFF after at least 4 HOURS!!! IF it is left on longer than 4 hours, it will over develop and start to develop unnaturally. 

Competition Spray Tan

 (8 hour rinse time)

Choose this option if you're needing a deep dark spray tan for your competitions!





How to prepare for a spray tan




Before Prep

1) Shave & exfoliate 24 hours before your spray tan. NOT right before your appointment. I recommend using exfoliating gloves rather than a washcloth or loofah (those don't do a great job) and you can buy them cheap at the dollar store, drugstore or supermarket.

2) Refrain from a scrub that contains oils unless it is more than 24 hours before the appointment. Oils can leave a film on the skin that can create a barrier and possibly block the spray tan absorption in areas where it remains. That will result in a streaky or patchy tan. Exfoliation is important so the skin can be a clean even canvas. 

3) DO NOT have on any existing self-tanner from an old spray tan on! This will alter the results in your spray tan  and will likely turn out unnatural looking. 

4) Be sure to do any waxing or shaving at least 24 hours before. Shaving directly before your appointment can cause streakiness. 

5) NO oils,makeup, lotions, perfumes or deodorant the day of the tan as they can act as a skin barrier. This can cause streaking, turn your skin green or prevent the color from being absorbed.

5)Be sure to discuss with me if you are getting sprayed for a special occasion. This is very important as I will advise what day of the week it will be best to get your spray tan.  You also need to get any manicures and pedicure before the session! Be sure to plan any massages or water activities several days before you plan on getting spray tanned. If you did any facials, massages, mani, pedis after your spray tan,  it would be very harmful for the tan and will cause fading in certain areas. Do all of this well BEFORE SPRAY TANS.

6) Do not shower directly before your spray tan appointment. When you shower right beforehand, the steam will open the pores and as a result the skin gets very hydrated. This can adversely affect the tan because then your skin might not absorb all of the solution. This can result in a lighter tan than normal and can cause beading on the skin. It is ok to shower in the morning if you have an evening appointment but otherwise don't do it. If the you insist to rinse that day, I recommend at least 4 hours before and doing just a light rinse without any soap or body wash (except on the armpits & private areas).

7) Refrain from Dove soap products before and after the tan, They are known to cause the tan to fade quick and become very blotchy. So many problems occur from a client using Dove soap products.

8) Do not plan to get any part of your skin wet or sweat for at least 8 hours after your spray tan. 

9) Do not apply deodorant the day of you appointment! If you must do so, be sure to clean it off at least 2-4 hours before your appointment with soap and water and scrub it really good! deodorant can turn GREEN after applying spray tans!!

10) Wear loose, dark clothing. Sweatpants or a sundress is ideal with sandals or flip flops. DO NOT wear tight clothing. This may risk creating streaks on your spray tan if its before you have rinsed. If you plan on getting spray tans frequently, pack a spray tan bag in your car with a change of clothes and essentials. T


11) There are several options as far as undergarments for your spray tan appointment; the most important thing is for you to be comfortable! I as the professional am just there to make you feel comfortable while getting sprayed and of course to give you the GORGEOUS glow you came for! Here are some options you can choose whichever you're most comfortable doing! 

     - Wear your own underwear(Ideal) (Thong for less tan lines)  OR

     - I also have disposable thongs and disposable bras you can use OR

     - Wear a dark colored bra or bikini OR

     - Most people don't want tan lines around the chest area and get sprayed topless.


1) Do not shower, bathe, or get any part of your skin wet for at least 8-10 hours after your spray tan. If you do not wait the recommended time it can prevent the tan from fully developing. 

2) It is ideal to purchase aftercare products made specifically for airbrush tanning to extend the life of your spray tan. Please let me know if you would like me to place an order for you for any lotions, tan extender, ect.!

6) Do not let pets lick the spray tan. I know this sounds funny! But they always try to do this for some reason.

7) Avoid shaving your legs even after you rinse as this is basically stripping your tan. Wait at least 24 hours to shave as shaving can cause fading. If always advise to use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. That is better for the skin and does not contain the chemicals that are in shaving cream so it is less drying to the skin. Try to shave only as needed & use a sharp new razor. A dull razor can cause fading or streaking.I use an electric razor in many cases as well.

8) Refrain from spa treatments for a few days after the tan (pedicures, waxing and massages) as these treatments can fade or remove the tan. If you're getting married and have any of these things scheduled for after the session they will run the risk of the tan being removed, becoming streaky and coming off patchy. It is imperative that you refrain from these things. Always do the pedicure prior to the session as soaking the feet will remove the tan. Many salons use a lot of acetone and they rub the skin as well so it winds up in many cases removing the tan on the toes.

9) When getting out of the shower you should BLOT the skin with a towel. Pat dry and DO NOT RUB! Remember, the spray tan is applied to the outer layers of the skin. You will want to treat it delicately and anything that exfoliates the skin will remove the tan.

10) Moisturize the skin at least a minimum of 2x a day with proper aftercare. I recommend the luxury moisturizer that I sell in my studio that is specifically for airbrush tanning & infused with antioxidants & hydrating ingredients such as:

Apple Stem cell extract, Mango seed oil, Pure Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil , Moroccan Argan oil , Panthenol, Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Marine Algae Extract and more!

Spray Tan Membership

Offering unlimited 8 hour tans or clear coat tans for $85/month! Memberships are a month by month basis so when you book your first appointment, be sure to book it for the beginning of each month!  Optional upgrade to the rapid tan at any time during your membership for $10 extra per tan! 

How do I book the membership each month?

It's easy! Simply go to my online booking site, select the service that says "Spray Tan Membership $85" and then book your first appointment of the month! Each appointment that you book for the rest of the month after that you will book for the one that says, "Spray Tan (Membership holders only)". You will pay the $85 at your first appointment of the month and then the rest of your appointments for the month are paid for! To renew your membership you will repeat those steps each month. No obligation, you can stop at any time, however, once you pay the $85 it is non refundable even if you do not use it for the rest of the month.