Makeup Credentials

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology Licensed  

I am a state licensed Makeup Artist. What does this mean? This means I can work in licensed salons and do makeup anywhere in Kentucky! More technically, a MUA license lets my clients know I've been seriously trained on the importance and technique of conducting a sanitary business routine.

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Certified & Published Professional in Makeup Artistry

In September 2018, I traveled to Pasadena, California for a 4 day hands-on intensive course at Vanity Makeup School. She covered many beauty techniques: Contour Highlighting, Concealing/Correcting, Lash Application, and much more. Learning from Ani Goulayan directly was a great experience and taught me so much about her techniques in makeup artistry. She is very up to date on the latest makeup trends as well as the true and tried techniques that make for great bridal makeup. (Ani Goulayan Instagram: @vanitymakeup)

Mario Dedivanovic Master Class Certified

February 2019, I traveled to Los Angeles, California for The Master Class by Mario Dedovanovic, Kim Kardashian West's favored makeup artist. Through this experience, I learned amazing new tips and tricks to bring back to my business for my clients. The course consisted of a 6 hour long demonstration that also involved Anastasia Soare (Anastasia Beverly Hills Owner) demonstrating and teaching exclusive techniques for brow application. Mario finished the rest of Kim Kardashions makeup and taught all his secret techniques that the world obsesses over!


Lash Credentials

Lash Extension Trained & Certified

In 2019, I decided to expand my business and  take a course on applying lash extensions. I love the easy mornings that lash extensions give for myself due to the fact that I look like I have make up on the second I wake up! So naturally, I had to get trained and start offering the latest beauty trend to my lovely clients! I was trained and certified by Lavish Lashes.

In Business!


Established c. 2017

Becoming an LLC was a great moment for me. It marked the day I went from being an aspiring professional makeup artist to the owner of a new business! I am so proud of this fact and want nothing more than to do my best for the small business community of Louisville that I am now proudly apart of!