Frequently Asked Questions

Makeup FAQ

Can I pay for you only to do my eye makeup?

My #1 goal is to give my clients the look they want and I'm willing to work with anyone who may have skin sensitivities. Anyone who tends to breakout with new makeups or have rashes that are irritated by makeup may bring their own skin makeups to our sessions and we will work together . I want no one feeling left out of the makeover expereince. That being said, I do not perform "eye only" services as a regular offering and no discounts are offered for having your eyes only done. This is because every makeup job I do represents myself and my abilities to a certain extent and I feel uncomfortable doing an incomplete job. As i said above, however, I am flexible when it comes to sensitive skin types. For my girls that don't wear makeup often and simply want to ease into the world of full face makeup, I offer "natural" and "dewy" skin looks that appear as if you're wearing no makeup at all while smoothing out your look.

Do lashes come with my makeup application or are they an extra cost?

All my prices will always include lashes. Lashes can make the biggest difference in the overall makeup look so I never want people to turn away lashes for fear of an extra cost. I offer several different styles that are included as well as other stlyes like mink lashes that are an extra cost if you want those.

How do I decide between airbrush or traditional? What is your professional opinion?

I prefer tradtional. Makeup artists all have their own opinions but I believe makeup has advanced so much that tradtional is overall better than airbrush at this point in time. Tradtional is not going to "budge" as much as airbrush. I certainly enjoy applying airbrush, however, and think it looks great! I think it is great for people who are wanting a lighter coverage and people who arent used to wearing makeup.

When should I do my wedding makeup trial?

Typically I do the trial around a month out from the wedding. Any other time (i.e. earlier than a month out), you will need to reach out to me or make that clear when first speaking with me. I recommend we do your trial for your bridal shower or bachelorette party so the makeup doesn’t go to waste! Regardless, it's up to you!

How early should I book you for my wedding?

As early as possible! Seriously, it's never too early! People tend to book me 6-12 months out and I get booked pretty quickly. Your day still may be available though as soon as a few months out so shoot me an email and let's see if we'd make a good match for your big day!


Lash Extension FAQs

Where did you learn how to do lash extensions? Was there a certification? What was it like?

From Lavish Lashes. I have two certifications with them. I did the basic comprehension course and a seperate one that was the advanced comprehension. The training was great! The basic course was to teach the technique of doing lash extensions. The advanced class went more in depth on how to apply volume lashes, bottom lashes, and covered how to generally be a good lash technician for your clients.

How long does the application of lash extensions take?

Depending on the set, anywhere between 1.5-2.5 hours. During the process, there will be no bathroom or snack breaks so keep that in mind when preparing for your appointment.

Does the lash extension process hurt or tug at my eyes?

Not at all! Most people end up falling asleep. It is very relaxing and can be a chance to slow down and take a break from your busy life! The process simply invoves me gently applying lash extensions to your natural lashes with an approved medical adhesive. Nothing permanant and nothing painfull!

The upkeep of lash extensions seems like a lot of work. Is it worth it?

Obviously I think it's worth it and I encourage anyone who is on the fence about it to go ahead and try it out! It may seem like the upkeep may be time consuming but you quickly get use to the routine of caring for them. I find the upkeep of lash extensions takes less time than applying mascara or false lashes and then removing them each day!

Can I pay for a fill at 4 weeks?

Fills are only for 2 and 3 weeks. After that it is considered a full set and will be charged as a full set.

Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Lash extensions require you to refrain from rubbing your eyes and overall force you to be a bit more cognizant of your lash health. Because of this, Lash Extensions can actually lead to better lash retention since the average person loses 2-5 lashes a day. So to answer your question, lash extensions do not affect your ability to grow and shed lashes. The process simply includes me applying lash extensions to your natural lashes and then your natural lashes will shed out at their regular rate (if not at a slower rate) and will have cycled out after about 4 weeks.

What if I'm not happy with my lash extensions?

Under no circumstanes do I want an unhappy customer leaving my studio! You can not insult me, so if we finish up the process and you are not feeling the extensions i've applied, then simply tell me and I will remove them and waive the lash extension removal fee. If you like them but then realize a couple days later that they aren't for you, come back in and I'll remove the lashes and waive the removal fee. That being said, there will be a removal fee if you have me remove the lashes more than 5 days out. This is to avoid those that might take advantage of this policy.