The Bouquet

Bride + Bridal Party of 5 or more (6 people total minimum)

Bride $125

Bridal party $85/e


The Lace

Bride + Bridal Party of 3-5 (4 people total minimum)

Bride $145

Bridal party $100/e


The Petal

 Bride Only with an optional + 2 (1-3 people total)

Bride $185

Bridal party $120/e

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Bridal Booking Info.



First, you will need to email me and inquire about your wedding date so I can check my availability!
If you're interested in going ahead and booking with me, please request the bridal contract in your first email inquiry. If I am available and once you receive the contract, you will need to fill that out, sign and return to me along with your deposit to secure that date for you. Please keep in mind that I cannot hold dates until I have received both from you. I recommend getting those back to me as soon as possible (within a few days of inquiring) to make sure your date is locked in with me and booked!


Your non-refundable deposit would be the full price of your wedding day makeup. Therefore, based off the bridal package that you choose, that will tell you what your deposit will be. Please refer to the packages above and simply review which package best suits you and you bridal party needs. Then, simply look at the price of the bridal makeup and that will be your deposit. Essentially, you would pay that up front and that will work as your deposit to hold your date. Once you have paid the deposit, you won't owe anything for yourself on the day of with the exception of any travel or parking fees if necessary. Everyone else will pay for their makeup the day of.

 Junior Bridesmaid makeup (includes spot coverage/light coverage, blush, mascara, lipstick, simple eye shadow)
Flower Girl (includes blush and lip gloss)

All brides will recieve a lip touch up for the day of your wedding which comes with your booking. If anyone else wants a touch up it is $5 for each.

All pricing includes false lashes!


Travel is free the first 30 miles round trip from my home in Louisville, KY. After that, each extra mile that is driven round trip is $1 more.


If you think you have a very large bridal party with a short time frame, an extra artist may be necessary. Please reach out to me if you think you may need one. A $35 one time fee is due with your deposit for an extra artist IF needed. ]


Bridal Trials

(see booking site for pricing and to schedule)

Booking your bridal trial is one of the most important things to do leading up to your big day! It's important that we make absolute sure you are going to love how your face looks on your big day!! Ok, that does sound silly, but seriously! .. It's what you're going to see in your photos for forever! Not to mention, wedding days are usually on a strict schedule and I typically will not have time for trial and error on the day of your wedding. It's important that we BOTH know what to expect from each other the day of to make for a much more relaxing/smooth day! This is why I allot 2 hours for the trial! So we can try different things, see your options and take our time so there's no rush in deciding on whats going to make you feel and look your best for your weeding :) Trust me, you don't want to skip out on your makeup trial!!

Bridal trials are $10 cheaper if you book your wedding first. You can book your trial online by clicking the 'book online' button below. If you're wanting to schedule a trial before booking your wedding, you will need to contact me first to make sure I am available for your wedding date. I recommend you book that as soon as possible as I still cannot hold dates without a contract and deposit. If you have already booked your wedding with me, I recommend booking your trial about a month before you wedding date.

How to Prepare for my Bridal Makeup Trial

  • Firstly, It is important to come to your trial  makeup free and with a clean face!

  • It is ideal to moisturize twice daily even if you are oily (especially a week before leading up to your trial and your wedding but ideally starting ASAP)

  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week leading up to your trial and wedding date.

  • Dermaplanning at least a week before your trial and as well as a week before your wedding date will help your makeup lay much smoother and make for an even more flawless application!

  • Invest in your skin! The steps above will do just fine but if you're wanting to take that extra step for your big day, start getting monthly facials at the very least 5 months to a year before your wedding and trial! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET A FACIAL FOR THE FIRST TIME THE SAME MONTH OF YOUR WEDDING!! Listen to your aesthetician's recommendations on which skincare products and regimen will help improve your skin! :) ** Remember, your makeup will look better the better your skin does!**

  • Drink LOTS of water daily

  • It also helps to at least have your hair styled a little, even if its not perfect! Even just curling it will work! Sometimes it can be hard to picture the makeup if your hair is messy or tied back in a ponytail!

  • Try to wear white to your trial.. even if its nothing super fancy! Sometimes wearing that old raggedy red t shirt can make it hard to picture how it will all come together the day of! 


Spray Tan


add on packages

5 or more tans for your bridal party members at regular price and the bride gets her tan free!

$70 includes trial + wedding day tan


My spray tan add on packages are available ONLY if you have booked your wedding makeup with me. For bridal party members ONLY including bride, MOH, bridesmaids, MOB or MOG. 

The full amount for your package of choice is due up front.
Each package is available to purchase 2x (once for everyone's trials and once for the wedding day tans) and the full amount is also due up front if you choose to purchase it twice. Please have your bridal party members pay you directly and then venmo me for the full amount. Please do not have each of them venmo me separately! To add a spray tan package to your bridal makeup package please contact me directly to do so or be sure to add it to your contract when signing  your bridal makeup contract.